Lowdown Live at Motorco – February 10, 2015



INDY WEEK by Craig D. Lindsey - February 2015

Web series The Lowdown Show is an interview/magazine show hosted by Matthew and Tracey Coppedge, two married, very photogenic Durhamites. They talk to prominent locals, visit interesting spots around town and playfully bicker with each other, somehow making your teeth ache with their innate sweetness. The cute couple brings the show to the stage for a live, pre-Valentine's Day shindig, with a lineup that includes magician Joshua Lozoff, animal expert Dan the Animal Man, vocalist Yolanda Rabun and local filmmaker and author "Reverend" Eryk Pruitt, who will be on hand to marry off anyone who wants to get hitched. Tracey and Matthew will also host a Newlywed Game-style game for the audience called "Together For Ever." These lovebirds may want to throw a swinging variety show before V-Day pops off, but we can't help but wonder if it'll just make us feel inadequate that we have yet to find love that's as productive—and attractive—as theirs.


Valentine's Day-themed variety show at Motorco

The Herald Sun by Dawn Baumgartner Vaughan - February 2015

Tracey and Matthew Coppedge are taking their online variety show live for a Valentine's Day-themed event Tuesday, Feb. 10 at Motorco Music Hall. "The Lowdown Show LIVE!" will include performances by singer Yolanda Rabun, Dan the Animal Man, a magic show and a house band — Mel Melton and the Wicked Mojos. Ron Livingstone will offer love advice and Reverend Eryk will officiate weddings and vow renewals.

The Coppedges — she's an actor and he's in marketing, including chief operating officer of Downtown Durham Inc. — started the "Lowdown Show" last year and have recorded 12 episodes. They've started hosting a few live events together, but this is the first live variety show.

"It's fun," Tracey Coppedge said.

"It's a good time and the crowd seems to like it," Matthew Coppedge said.

Sometimes things don't go as expected, Tracey Coppedge said, but she just talks and starts asking questions, or tries to get people to be silly. Sometimes people don't know there was a glitch at all.

"You go with it, don't panic," she said.

They'll host a "Together Forever" game show as part of the Motorco event, where couples will compete as to how well they know each other. The questions will be "something that will make everyone uncomfortable for sure," she said. Coppedge will also get out in the crowd so the variety show isn't just the audience watching what's on stage. For those who come and want to get married for real, bring a marriage license.

Mel Melton, former owner of Papa Mojo's Roadhouse restaurant and frequent Durham performer, and his band the Wicked Mojos will be the kind of house band you see on late night television. They'll perform between acts and keep the party rolling, Matthew Coppedge said. He and Tracey will also chit chat with guests like Rabun, the same way they do for the online "Lowdown Show."

Dan the Animal Man will be bringing a couple of animals the Coppedges are fearful of, she said, like creepy crawly things.

When the Coppedges first started talking about doing the "Lowdown Show" last year, the vision always was for a live studio audience, Matthew Coppedge said.

"We love being in front of a crowd," he said. The live show will shine the light on local talent, too, Coppedge said.

Motorco is a great location for it, Tracey Coppedge added.