The HooDoo of Sweet Mama Rosa

The Hoodoo of Sweet Mama Rosa (a short film)

Written and directed by Eryk Pruitt. Based on the short story The HooDoo of Sweet Mama Rosa first puublished in Zymbol Magazine. Featuring Meredith Sause, Tracey Coppedge, Jeffrey Moore, Rita Gonzalez, Jimmy JW Smith, and introducing Logan Harrison. Currently showing at film festivals and available on DVD.

Keepsake, a short film

Keepsake (a short film)

Directed by Meredith Sause. Screenplay by Eryk Pruitt.
Starring Meredith Sause and Tracey Coppedge. Two estranged sisters reunite to sort through their recently deceased hoarder-mother's home, and discover a secret that brings them closer. Currently showing at film festivals.

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