Meet Jack Jordan. He's a smooth-talking con artist with a penchant for the fast life. He's snuck into Lufkin, Texas, in the dead of night with little more than a beat-up Honda, a hollowed-out King James Bible full of cocaine, and enough emotional baggage to sink a steam ship. He's charming, dedicated, and extremely paranoid.

Summer Ashton, his partner-in-crime. She's stuck by him through thick and thin, but lately her mind has begun to slip. They've told their fair share of lies and she's having a devil of a time remembering what's the truth. And recently, she's been hearing voices. Unfortunately for both of them, she's the brains of the operation.

Furthermore, they have begun to tire of one another.

For these two career grifters, the sleepy East Texas countryside is but another pit stop on their rampage across the American South.

Will it be their last?

In WHAT WE RECKON, Eryk Pruitt explores themes of identity, loyalty, and purpose with psycho-delic, transgressive, chicken-fried twists that read like Trainspotting cut with a couple grams of Helter Skelter.

What We Reckon by Eryk Pruitt
“Pruitt's unflinching narrative and unpredictable plot are as close to a perfect cautionary tale as you are likely to read this year.”

— Bookreporter

“Pruitt delivers an excellent addition to the gritty Southern noir genre. Readers of Hunter S Thompson will enjoy the psychedelic twists and turns as well as the rapid fire dialogue”

— Library Journal

“Full Metal Faulkner”

— Jim Thomsen

“Southern noir prepared just the way you like it: Boiled hard, gritty as hell, and aimed straight at your heart.”

— Rob Hart