Blood Levee

BLOOD LEVEE (a feature length film)

During the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, America's largest river broke free from its levees and sent the citizens of the Delta scurrying for higher ground. As civilization crumbles around them, Charles Percy and Al Gentry scramble to restore order but discover to their own dismay something much more terrifying out on the levee than rising flood waters. This completed 105 page script combines creature features like Alien and The Thing with historical suspense thrillers and disaster flicks. Think: Predator meets Hard Rain meets HBO's Deadwood.

WGA/W registration #1628747

Sherman's March

TECUMSEH SHERMAN (a full length horror for the stage)

During the American Civil War, General William Tecumseh Sherman was on the verge of yet another breakdown. After being repulsed at Chickasaw Bayou – the latest in a string of failures in life and war – he disappeared into the deep, dark forests of the Delta; No one heard from him for three days. What happened after he emerged from that swamp is well–known to historians and Southerners alike. What no one has ever dared attempt is to describe those three days missing from Sherman's memoirs. We all know the Union was preserved, but at what cost, and who ultimately paid the price? This is a tale inspired by great theatrical works such as Faust, MacBeth and the Divine Comedy.