William E. Wallace
Pulphack Confessions

“A Laugh a Minute With The Funniest Seriel Killer Novel I've Ever Read - Dirtbags is sort of like a book about a serial murderer written by Carl Hiaasen, only a lot darker -- and without a hero who will bumble his way into catching the bad guy…”

Michael Monson

“…we want to see grit and mayhem and something grotesque and something just plain chilling (with some humor thrown in here and there), that still, somehow, reminds us of real life. Right? Okay, then, Dirtbags is your book. Buy it, read it, enjoy it.”

James Pierson
Adventures in Crime Fiction Land

“…If you share my fascination in all things redneck, then Dirtbags is for you. This is a serial killer novel with a difference…”

Nigel Bird
Sea Minor

“…All the way through, the settings are well-described and there's a strong desire to discover how things will eventually play out. It's dark and sleazy, but it's also very entertaining…”
Dirtbags, the novel

Why you should read Dirtbags and John McFetridge - Peter Rozovsky
Detectives Beyond Borders

“…a rural roman noir, a dark comedy with a touch of Southern Gothic, and satire without hitting the reader over the head to make its point. It's also a serial-killer story for readers who hate serial-killer stories…”

Benoit Lelievre
Dead End Follies

“…The main strength of DIRTBAGS is its violent brand of satire… DIRTBAGS will always remain a cult novel…”

Mouths of Madness

“…Thrills, chills, gore, sex, depravity, and a little bit of heartbreak, this is exactly what you need in your life. Eryk Pruitt is a fresh voice in literature…”

Phillip Thompson
Pulpwood Fiction

“…When you title your novel, Dirtbags, you damn well better deliver. Eryk Pruitt does — in spades…”

Khalid Patel
Hollow Shotguns

“…If you've ever wondered what would happen if American Psycho accidentally copulated with No Country for Old Men… Dirtbags is your baby.”