Local Film Talk
Bob Walters

Foodies and Cannibals

“Bourdain–or maybe Tim Curry–is the spirit guide of the short satire, Foodie…”

The New Yorker
Dana Goodyear

“Eryk is many things: storyteller, filmmaker, reverend. He's also irreverent, doesn't care for snakes and sometimes uses really bad language…”

Pulpwood Fiction
Phillip Thompson

A recording of a live interview of Eryk Pruitt about his debut novel, Dirtbags, on WUMC radio.

Carolina Book Beat
Samuel Montgomery-Blinn

Eryk Pruitt photo in the Indy

Waiter, This Arm is Overcooked

“Foodie, a new short film written by Durham resident Eryk Pruitt, bypasses the idea of cannibalism as an uneasy survival tactic. Instead, the 29-minute dark comedy-horror flick explores an obsessive, underground sect of foodies who dine on humans in the most gourmet and trendy of manners…”

Victoria Bouloubasis

Episode 15 CFF: Eryk Pruitt

“Filmmaker and Novelist Eryk Pruitt stops by to discuss his films Liyana, On Command and Disengaged which are screening this year at the Carrboro Film Festival”

Bent Wookie
Nick Karner

“…I read literature to be transported into a world besides the one I inhabit in my real life. Pruitt's story (Them Riders) took me to a place both ordinary and terrifying…”

Southern Literary Review
Amy Susan Wilson

Pulp Friction

“Downtown Durham goes dark on Thursday when it becomes the latest city to host NOIR AT THE BAR, a gathering of crime-fiction writers whose work is the hardest of the hardboiled”

Zack Smith

“Liyana, on Command was my favorite of the (Carrboro Film) Festival.”

— Jim Enright