“…Think of Elmore Leonard's great stories set in the south, and you will get a sense of Pruitt's style. This is a great ride, and even if all roads do not lead to Rome or Biloxi, some of these characters will have to meet up, perhaps in ways they never expected.”

— Bookreporter
Tom Callahan

“…it's all delivered in a prose sharp as a homemade shiv while smooth as any casket aged whiskey. Mr. Pruitt really knows how to turn a phrase, and by the last page you'll be intoxicated by his words…”

— Mouths of Madness

Hashtag delivers on Pruitt's Promise

“…The end result is a book that seems to fly along like a bat out of hell, taking the reader on a ride they will remember for a long time…”

— Regular Guy Reading Noir

Hashtag by Eryk Pruitt
4.5 from 5
“So a one line summary – fast, funny, frantic and furious! Flippin' fantastic.
We have an interesting tale told in three halves… ha ha.”

— Col's Criminal Library

“…Hashtag is fast-paced crime novel shining a light on the desire for fame and recognition and the ways every day people go about manufacturing it in a tech-driven world. Great writing, great story…”

— ChrisDikes.Com
Chris Dikes

“…a reckless, violent and sometimes hilarious American odyssey that features the two best aspects of Eryk Pruitt's writing: uproarious dialogue and epic, urban legend-like storytelling…”

— Dead End Follies
Ben Lelievre

Sammy reading Hashtag
Alex Maness reading Hashtag
Charlie reading Hashtag